In the courtyard of concept car builder G-Studio near Torino, with Pierangelo Maffiodo (CEO), Michel Jardin and Patrick le Quément (both from Renault Design), discovering the finished concept Renault Fuence in 2004

Working as a consultant for the design department of a manufacturer requires a well-established mutual trust. I am proud of having deserved that trust more than once. Confidentiality clauses prevent me from giving more details. What I can say however is that, generally speaking, I am not too bad at judging a design, at assessing its elegance and at understanding if it exudes a personality matching with a brand’s ADN. I relish that kind of work and am ready for more! A major contribution of ours was to help with the launch of the Special Projects Department at Pininfarina’s and to introduce Jim Glickenhaus as its first client. Several companies have followed suit and we are familiar with most of them. If you fancy a one-off, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will guide you!

The glorious Ferrari P4/5 of Jim Glickenhaus during its development and in front of the Pininfarina research centre

A designer’s dream, a project in homage to David Bowie



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