The Parc de Bagatelle in Paris in 1988, the perfect venue to host the return  of the concours d’elegance in France, where it was born

Since 1988, we conceive and organise events: concours d’elegance, rallies, awards, galas, new model launches… It all started after having attended the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance a couple of times in the early 1980’s. At the time, I was living in Paris and, amazed by what I saw, I thought we should bring back the concours d’élégance to France where the idea was born – I found documents going back to 1911! – and was long forgotten. That is the story behind the ‘Bagatelle’ concours. We have privileged contacts with the most important collectors in the world. We have worked in several European countries, in the USA and in China. When we organise an event, we offer an ‘à la carte’ menu: we can find the proper venue, obtain the necessary authorisations, invite and deal with the participants, provide judging at concours, prepare road books and handle timekeeping in rallies. We are also always delighted to supply food and entertainment! Our clients list includes names such as Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, The Peninsula Hotel Group and many more.

Concours d’elegance in Paris

Artwork by Chuck Queener announcing FF40, an event celebrating 40 years of cooperation between Ferrari and Francorchamps, their Belgian importer, and the world premiere of the new 456 GT

Louis Vuitton Classic ‘Serenissima’ Run, from Monaco to Venezia

A rally in Bohemia

 Louis Vuitton Classic Best of the Best ‘Concours’ and ‘Concept’ Awards

The Peninsula Classics Best of the Best Award, a ‘’Peninsula Moment’’, which followed up on the Louis Vuitton act and of which Christian Philippsen is a Founding Member

Group pictures of judges at concours d’elegance we organise (a special reward will go to the first reader who correctly identifies all personalities on the three photographs!)

Rally briefing with René Metge and Christine Bélanger, two distinguished members of our team

Awards time! Followed by…

… celebrations and entertainment!




Ferrari 166 MM ‘barchetta’ Touring # 0064M in 1966

The very first time I talked someone into buying an ‘old’ car goes back to 1966, when I convinced Jacques Swaters to purchase 0064M. He paid US$ 2,200 at the time – an amount I could not afford – and thought it was outrageous for something nobody would ever have any interest in. He kept the car until his passing away in 2010. As time went by, he felt happier and happier about the deal! Since, we have discretely and regularly advised collectors and institutions and assisted them in buying and selling cars of exceptional interest.

0064M as she is today

A small sample of cars negotiated by us





leBolide.com is an online platform connecting sellers and buyers and specializing in the auction of cars of special interest, classic or modern. It benefits from our advice and experience, and offers the efficiency of auctions at the price of a classified ad. It also has the specificity of being open to the community who can comment on the lots offered, enriching the descriptions and photos.


In the courtyard of concept car builder G-Studio near Torino, with Pierangelo Maffiodo (CEO), Michel Jardin and Patrick le Quément (both from Renault Design), discovering the finished concept Renault Fuence in 2004

Working as a consultant for the design department of a manufacturer requires a well-established mutual trust. I am proud of having deserved that trust more than once. Confidentiality clauses prevent me from giving more details. What I can say however is that, generally speaking, I am not too bad at judging a design, at assessing its elegance and at understanding if it exudes a personality matching with a brand’s ADN. I relish that kind of work and am ready for more! A major contribution of ours was to help with the launch of the Special Projects Department at Pininfarina’s and to introduce Jim Glickenhaus as its first client. Several companies have followed suit and we are familiar with most of them. If you fancy a one-off, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will guide you!

            The glorious Ferrari P4/5 of Jim Glickenhaus during its development and in front of the Pininfarina research centre

          A designer’s dream, a project in homage to David Bowie


Our sensitivity to elegance and design can be put to good use for themed interior design. The Lotus 25 which is part of the Moderna Museet collections in Stockholm since decades is what first inspired me. We have now established a privileged cooperation with an Italian architect who, among other achievements, has redefined important car museums, and we are ready for assignments, being museums, collections, garages or … private homes

Lotus 25 Formula One and sculpture by John Chamberlain, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, a source of inspiration

A petrolhead studio with seats (ex-Rover) by Ron Arad, artwork by Walter Gotschke, sculptures by Manou Zurini and plenty of serious reading


Automobile Year first appeared in 1953 and was available from the beginning  in English, in French and in German

We write articles, we publish books and we are going digital. Our main theme is cars, of course, but we occasionally venture in a field where we have less expertise. Thus, we did a book about love…

 An English version of L’Amour was published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang under the title Love, a Celebration in Art and Literature


I own one of the best databases of collectors, specialists, designers, writers and cars. I enjoy connecting people and facilitating relationships! I am a Consulting Member to the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA). I am a Charter Member of the International Chief Judge Advisory Group (ICJAG). I have judged and/or still judge in Europe (Bensberg in Germany, Ferrari 60th and 70th Anniversary in Italy, Paleis Het Loo in the Netherlands, Salon Privé in England, Uniques Special Ones in Italy and in Russia, Le Zoute in Belgium), in the USA (Amelia Island, Cavallino Classic, Pebble Beach – for almost 30 years and always a treat ! -), in the Middle East (Kuwait) and in Asia (Bund Classic in China, Concours d’Elegance of Japan, 21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Concours Show in India). I am fluent or have a reasonably good command of French, English, German, Italian, Dutch and Swedish. Do get in touch ! With my team, we are ready for new adventures and promise you we’ll share some great time together!

Connecting: Ralph Lauren with Paolo Pininfarina at Pebble Beach


Speaking: a private evening at the Automobile Club de Monaco

Speaking, again: in Yokohama where I made my shortest – and most applauded – speech ever, saying, in conclusion of a concours weekend and in Japanese: “Good evening, congratulations, thank you, good night”


Announcing our next venture…

To be continued, stay tuned!


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